所長の直島日記3 - 中風美術研究所 | 岐阜の美大・芸大受験予備校
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When I was young, a sculptor told me that if you become a good artist, you must not live in Japan warmly, and you can not make good things unless you go abroad and feel lonely.
However, for me to live by drawing in my hometown Gifu was much more lonely than getting lost in Manhattan.
Results of reading some structuralist books, each knowledge to live businessmen who work hard in Manhattan, New York, and people who live naked on ash in the back of the Amazon need may be different, however, I was convinced that the total amount of knowledge and emotions and the structure of actions did not change to live, so I did not have a sense of inferiority for doing a painter in the countryside of Gifu.
Well, this photo is a public bath designed by Shinro Otake. He has never met on campus, but he was a year-old senior at the same university as me.
I returned to the country to make money for life, but he aimed at the world. He travels in various places, grabs the whole world he was born with using his body and sensitivity, and makes us feel a large scale attraction that he wants to express.It is a fun public bath where the various shapes that he would have felt attractive on the road combined to express the fusion of multiculturalism.
Here is the Chichu-Art-Museum ticket center. There is it in the place that went down the gentle slope to the south from the entrance of the  Chichu-Art-Museum for approximately three minutes.
This ticket center is an entrance of the Naoshima art museum area that Tadao Ando designed with exposed concrete.


OK. then, I will receive the ticket which made a reservation on the Internet here, and let’s go to the Chichu-Art-Museum.A pond is made from the ticket center aside way to Chichi-Art-Museum, it is made to re-created a pond of Monet and beautiful flowers bloom around the pond. Transparency of the water was duller than a pond of Monet in Gifu, but was cared for very well.



I arrived at the Chichu-Art-Museum, but it has not been yet done unlocking because it is before opening time, but it is a little more until the opening time. Please watch a ticket. A number was 9999. Because I wanted to commemorate, I asked clerk to give me this admission ticket after use. But because it was said that it was not able to do, I took it to a photograph. By the way,because I did not check the contents of this museum, I was really looking forward to the contents of the exhibition that I have not seen yet.Because the hall is full-scale photograph prohibition,  The image of the work uses the thing shown on the Internet.Then.


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